Anti-Centromere B

Anti-Centromere B is an ELISA test system for the quantitative determination of IgG antibodies against centromere B in human serum or plasma.

The detection of autoantibodies against centromere protein B is of great diagnostic and prognostic importance in cases of progressive systemic scleroderma (PSS). Centromere protein B is a DNA-associated protein. Together with other proteins, it forms the kinetochores of the chromosomes. Centromere B is the target antigen in over 95 % of patients with scleroderma or Raynaud’s phenomenon. Because autoantibodies against centromere proteins sometimes appear years before the disease appears, detection of anti-centromere B can be a significant indicator for the onset of scleroderma. CREST syndrome, a limited and localized form of scleroderma with a more favourable prognosis can be serologically detected at an early stage with use of the ORGENTEC Anti-Centromere B test.


Product Number ORG 633
Tests12 x 8 tests
Range0 - 300 U/ml
Cut-off10 U/ml
Coating centromere B

ORG 200   ORG 233   ORG 238  


ORG 538   ORG 539   ORG 600  


ORG 710   ORG 711  


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