Anti-TG is an ELISA-based, automated, in-vitro test system for the quantitative determination of IgG autoantibodies against thyroglobulin (TG) in human serum or plasma.

The protein thyroglobulin is responsible for the production and storage of thyroid hormones and is a strong autoantigen. B-lymphocytes with membrane-bound IgM antibodies against thyroglobulin are even detected in the blood of healthy individuals. High titers of IgG antibodies against thyroglobulin found in conjunction with antibodies against thyroid peroxidase (Anti-TPO) are markers for Hashimoto-type chronic autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s disease). Thyroglobulin antibodies are found in 50-60 % of patients with this condition.


Product Number ORG 202
Tests24 Alegria® strips
CalibrationWHO 65/93
Range0 - 9000 IU/ml
Cut-off150 IU/ml
Coating thyroglobulin (TG) (human)

ORG 502  


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