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Anti-Centromere B

The detection of autoantibodies against centromere protein B is of great diagnostic and prognostic importance for progressive systemic scleroderma (PSS).

The Anti-Centromere B ELISA by ORGENTEC is an outstanding tool for this purpose. The test is also optimal for the serological characterisation of CREST syndrome and the differential diagnosis of Raynaud’s syndrome.

Centromere protein B is a DNA-associated protein that, together with other proteins, forms the kinetochores of the chromosomes. Centromere B is the target antigen in over 95 % of patients with scleroderma or Raynaud’s phenomenon. Because antibodies against centromere proteins sometimes appear years before outbreak of the disease, detection of anti-centromere B can be a significant indicator for the onset of scleroderma.

CREST syndrome, a limited form of scleroderma with a more favourable prognosis, can be serologically detected at an early stage with use of the ORGENTEC Anti-Centromere B test.


Tests 24 Alegria® Test Strips
Productnumber ORG 233
Calculation qualitative
Range 0-300 U/ml
Cut-off 10 U/ml
Sensitivity 1 U/ml
Calibration arbitrary
Substrate TMB
Antigens centromere B (human recombinant)


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