Anti-HSV-1/2 IgG Liquor

Anti-HSV-1/2 IgG Liquor is an ELISA based test system intended for the comparative quantitative measurement of IgG class antibodies against HSV-1/2 in human serum or plasma samples and in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This assay is used for the detection of IgG antibody synthesis in the central nervous system.

The detection of pathogen-specific antibody production in CSF plays a role in the diagnosis of acute neurological infections. The antibody index (AI) reflects the ratio of HSV-specific antibodies between CSF and serum. Calculation of the AI is based on the detection of pathogen-specific antibodies in a CSF sample and a corresponding serum sample from the patient to detect specific intrathecal antibody production.
The human pathogenic type 1 and 2 herpes simplex viruses (HSV-1 and HSV-2) infect epithelial cells of the mucous membranes: HSV-1 primarily in the head area (herpes labialis), HSV-2 in the genital and anal areas (herpes genitalis). In the acute stage, the infection causes formation of characteristic blisters. In transitioning to the latent stage, these viruses enter the sensory nerves and spinal ganglia, where they persist throughout the lifetime of the patient. They are often reactivated, causing a recurrence of symptoms.
A number of neurological inflammatory processes may occur as rare complications of infection with HSV, in particular HSV-associated encephalitis, but also meningitis, peripheral facial nerve paresis, myelitis, and radiculitis. In cases of HSV encephalitis, the humoral immune reaction in the CSF begins in the second week with distinct dominance of IgG and slowly decreases over months and years. Intrathecal production of IgG has a sensitivity of nearly 100 % and can also occur in conjunction with intrathecal IgA (incidence < 20 %) and IgM (incidence < 50 %) production. Intrathecal production of IgG against HSV is also often detected in chronic inflammatory processes like multiple sclerosis.


Product Number ORG 905GL
Tests24 Alegria® strips
Range10 - 200 U/ml
Coating HSV-1 whole-virus antigen, HSV-2 whole-virus antigen

ORG 903MX   ORG 905G   ORG 905MX   ORG 904MX  


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