The ANA-9-Line immunoblot test is a membrane-based enzyme immunoassay for the semi-quantitative determination of IgG antibodies against various nuclear antigens (ANA) in human serum or plasma. This blot test is used for the differential diagnosis of rheumatic diseases.
The nine purified antigens are deposited as bands onto nitrocellulose strips. The bound antibodies are stained by an enzyme-catalysed substrate reaction for detection.
The ANA-9-Line blot is an important and easy-to-use test system for the detection of autoantibodies typical of various rheumatic autoimmune diseases; some of these autoantibodies act as markers for individual diseases. This test is particularly valuable for the differentiation of the autoantibody profile after ELISA screening or immunofluorescence tests.


Product Number ORG 710
Tests8 strips / ORG 710-08, 16 strips / ORG 710-16
CalibrationCDC sera
Coating centromere B, histidyl-tRNA synthetase (Jo-1), ribosomal P protein (Rib-P), RNP/Sm complex, Scl-70 protein (DNA topoisomerase I), Sm ribonucleoproteins, SS-A 52 (Ro 52), SS-A 60 (Ro 60), SS-B (La)

ORG 200   ORG 233   ORG 238   ORG 206   ORG 213   ORG 217   ORG 211   ORG 212   ORG 210   ORG 208   ORG 252   ORG 260   ORG 209  


ORG 538   ORG 539   ORG 600   ORG 633   ORG 506   ORG 513   ORG 514   ORG 546   ORG 517   ORG 511   ORG 544   ORG 512   ORG 510   ORG 508   ORG 652   ORG 660   ORG 509  


ORG 711   ORG 760  


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