Test strips with SMC® Technology
Incubation chamber

SMC® Technology

  • Each Monotest strip with SMC® Technology (Sensotronic Memorized Calibration) includes a complete set of reagents for testing the individual sample.
  • By means of SMC® Technology, all test data are transferred to the system through individual barcodes.
  • The SMC® coding comprises information about the respective product names, a lot-specific and complete standard curve, limit values for the internal cut-off control and its expiry date.
  • This information technology guarantees that only tests meeting most challenging quality requirements are implemented.
  • Expired test strips are refused by the system.

Sample and reagent management

  • Each of the three system trays (SysTray A, B, C) can be loaded with up to ten patient/sample strips.
  • Within one single analytical step up to 30 different samples can be tested for individual parameters.
  • Each test strip includes two wells for sample handling, two incubation wells for the patient sample and the cut-off control, and a complete set of reagents, including sample buffer, conjugate, substrate and internal cut-off control.
  • All reagents are stored in airtight containers and are opened immediately before use in the test. External influence and contamination are thus excluded.

Incubation unit

  • Inside the temperature-controlled incubation unit, all processes take place under strictly standardised conditions.
  • System start-up is only initiated when the predetermined climate conditions are reached so that the overall efficiency of the system and test results cannot be influenced by external climatic conditions.
  • Preparations for reloading the system can be made on separate system trays (SysTray A, B, C) while the system is still running a previous test, which makes the system enormously flexible and maximises sample throughput.
  • Within the incubation unit, when the system settings have been reached, the test-specific parameters for each reagent strip are read off based on SMC® Technology and assigned to the corresponding sample.

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