External barcode identification
Touchscreen control
System liquid supply

Barcode management

  • An external barcode reader is used to assign the individual patient samples to the positions in the system. In conjunction with the test information tracked by the SMC® Technology, specific analyses are produced for each patient, making mix-ups of results impossible.

The integrated printer

  • At the end of every test cycle, all patient data and corresponding test information is sent to the integrated printer.

Software connection and data management

  • Both the overall performance and data management are Windows®-supported, making it fast and easy to establish a bidirectional connection to external LIS (Laboratory Information Systems) via the existing LIS standard protocol.
  • The analyser is additionally programmable and adaptable by technicians by means of external Windows®-based maintenance and system software.
  • The integrated modem makes it possible to access the entire system at any time.


  • All functions of the system can be controlled by means of easy-to-use software and the user-friendly, integrated touchscreen.

System fluids supply

  • The instrument contains four reagent containers (2 × 1 litre wash buffer, 1 × 2.5 litres System Fluid, 1 × 5 litres liquid disposal).
  • When in use, all containers are connected to strictly separated precision pump systems.

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