Autoantibodies RL/RK/RS

Indirect immunofluorescence test for the qualitative determination of autoimmune antibodies in serum or plasma.

Sections of rat liver, kidney (Cortex and medulla), and stomach are the substrate on the slide. They detect autoantibodies in serum or plasma against the cell nucleus (ANA) the mitochondria (AMA), smooth muscle antigens (ASMA), liver-kidney microsomes, reticulin and other structures.
The different types of antibodies are associated with characteristic fluorescence patterns:
ANA – Homogeneous fluorescence of the nucleus of interphase cells, bright fluorescence of mitotic cells.
AMA – Granular fluorescence of mitochondria in the cytoplasm of hepatocytes and renal tubular cells.
ASMA – Staining of the muscle layers of the blood vessels and the interglandular fibers in rat stomach.
APCA – Intracellular staining of parietal cells in the rat gastric mucosa.
LKM-1 – Bright staining of the cytoplasm of the hepatocytes in the liver and the in the proximal tubules of the kidney. No staining of the distal tubules.
In SLE patients the sensitivity of ANA determination is higher than 95 %. The presence of mitochondrial antibodies is associated with primary biliary cirrhosis in more than 95 % of patients. Anti-smooth muscle antibodies are found in the sera of 52-85 % of patients with chronic autoimmune hepatitis and 22 % of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis. Antibodies against gastric parietal cells are found in 90 % of patients with pernicious anaemia. Anti-LKM type I antibodies are specific markers for autoimmune hepatitis type II.


Product Number ORG 874
Tests 96 (12 slides, 8 wells each)
Coating rat liver, rat stomach, rat kidney


Instruction for Use
Safety Data Sheet
Instruction for Use Revision 3. Earlier versions and additional languages can be found in the document archive.

Components of the kit

Slides Autoantibodies RL/RK/RS
rat liver / kidney (cortex + medulla) / stomach – 12 slides x 8 wells
AMA Positive Control
anti-mitochondrial antibodies – 0.3 ml
ANA-RL Positive Control
anti-nuclear antibodies (rat liver) – 0.3 ml
ASMA Positive Control
anti-smooth muscle antibodies – 0.3 ml
FITC/Evans (R)
IgG / IgA / IgM, for rat and mouse tissue – 2.5 ml
Mounting Medium
mounting medium – 3 ml
PBS (10x)
phosphate buffer saline (PBS 10x) – 100 ml
Negative Control
Negative Control for IFA – 0.3 ml
Blotting Paper 1 x 8
filter paper for 8 wells – 12 pcs.

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