Anti-MCV is an ELISA test for the quantitative determination of IgG antibodies against mutated citrullinated vimentin (MCV) in human serum or plasma. It is a powerful serological test for rheumatoid arthritis, especially in early disease.

Anti-MCV detects the disease at a very early stage, even in patients who test negative for rheumatoid factor and to some degree even before the appearance of specific clinical symptoms. Autoantibodies against mutated citrullinated vimentin are highly specific and extremely sensitive markers for rheumatoid arthritis (97 % specificity, >82 % sensitivity). Anti-MCV autoantibodies are an indicator of advancing damage to the joints and aggressive progression of the disease. In contrast to the detection of antibodies against synthetic cyclic citrullinated peptides, changes in the concentration of anti-MCV correspond to changes in the clinical parameters. As well as allowing for an unambiguous diagnosis, the Anti-MCV ELISA thus also makes it possible to monitor the progress of treatment.


Product Number ORG 548
Tests12 x 8 tests
Range0 - 1000 U/ml
Cut-off20 U/ml
Coating MCV (mutated citrullinated vimentin)

ORG 248  


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