25-OH Vitamin D3/D2

25-OH Vitamin D3/D2 is an ELISA-based, automated, in-vitro test system for the quantitative determination of the total concentration of 25-OH vitamin D3 and 25-OH vitamin D2 in human serum or plasma (EDTA plasma, heparin plasma, citrate plasma) for the evaluation of vitamin D levels.

This test uses an antibody that binds both forms of vitamin D equally well and with high affinity. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is produced in the skin under irradiation with UV-B rays from the sun. It is metabolized to 25-OH vitamin D3 in the liver. Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) is mostly produced synthetically and is used as a dietary supplement. It is also converted to its corresponding 25-OH derivative by the liver.
For reliable determination of the total vitamin D concentration, a special sample buffer is used to release the 25-OH vitamin D3 and 25-OH vitamin D2 from the vitamin D binding protein complex in the serum. No separate sample preparation steps are required.


Product Number ORG 270
Tests24 Alegria® strips
Range5 - 200 ng/ml
Coating anti-25-OH Vitamin D3/D2antibodies

ORG 570  


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